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Its May already - 2017-05-02 07:55:01 +0000

So it’s May… Apparently? I have no idea where this year has gone so far

Well this year is flying past… And things are getting interesting. My SO and myself have moved in with one another, which is pretty awesome however our internet has not yet been installed. The lack of internet at home is becoming a bit of an issue for me, this is the first time in about a decade I have not had internet at home.

I had my first uncapped DSL installed when I was still studying and I have not looked back since, but now this is a bit of a huge shock to me. Only last night did I realise how much I actually depend on having internet access at home. My gaming has reached a standstill since of all my games I need internet just to play.

It made me realise that games like Diablo and Starcraft really could do with offline support, but hey… Clearly the games were never intended for a third world audience. I still have Stardew Valley to keep myself busy with. Though there is only so much farming I can handle in a single week, the game is awesome and there is so much to do. But after a few hours of running a farm and exploring old mines you do want to just chill in Azeroth with friends, fight off the lords of hell, or even just chuckle at all the salt on the Rift.

Never thought I would actually miss the salt of the Rift…

Here’s hoping that good old Telkom can finally pull some fingers our their arses and get my line up and running soon…