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Lost some time - 2017-07-31 09:58:01 +0000

So it feels like I have lost some time… apparently it has been a few months. What’s going on? Pc Setup, Vapes, oh my!

With all the changes at work, the move, home DIY; so much has been happening since I last actually made a post. Well I am happily moved now, that is awesome and all settled. We have repainted the inside of the house, including feature walls.

I built a desk/battlestation of my pc.. it is awesome. I am so happy with it: There it is all nicely set up with the lights and all, I know I have already posted this elsewhere but I still love it.

I also have stopped smoking… got a vape instead, and then another one, and then a decent mod… Well not sure if you know how this goes, but I am now really getting into this both from a DIY point of view as well as from a cloud chasing point of view. This is my current set up:

Other news… I have started trying to update kCuldron to MC version 1.11.2 as seen by my attempts here, it is taken from the Contigo fork as that seems to be the most recent attempt at an updated kCuldron build.

Currently I am nowhere with it just yet, still just trying to get the stupid thing to get through the initial gradle setup. I really should invest in some more time reading about gradle, really have not used it nearly enough.