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And so It begins… - 2017-03-01 10:51:01 +0000

So since my SO pointed out that we could do with going on diet again, I have decided to go big or go home as I used to do.

This past weekend was spent researching the best meal plans that we can actually afford to follow, and then sourcing all of our needed foodstuffs for the month. Excluding perishables of course, such as fruits and fresh vegitables.

It is actually amazing how much “healty food” costs, when you compare it to the far cheaper “junk food” we have been living on. I swear that it is far cheaper to just stay fat than it is to loose these extra pounds that I picked up over the holiday season.

On a plus note, the one local hyperstore had a sale on home gym equipment, so I have finally forfilled a dream to own my own set of weights. I know it is not much of a dream but hey…

It's something