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Cordova at night - 2017-03-14 21:30:00 +0000

Insomnia is a cruel mistress, and it looks like I will have to suffer with her yet again.

So, today I decided to try a bit of Apache Cordova in the form of Adobe Phonegap. Well my first clue on how well it would go is that I started trying to piece together a little Android app about 20 minutes before I was to leave work.

Now normally this wouldn’t be much of an issue as I would just carry on with my tinkering when I get home. However today it is my special person’s birthday. So dinner with her family after work. Now I am already usually a quite person, but tonight I was mostly lost in my own thoughts about why my Phonegap app was unable to pull json data from an API, when the apk was compiled. However when running the app through Phonegap desktop, the json is returned perfectly fine.

Regardless, the evening went on to be an enjoyable one dining with family. I had almost forgotten about the issues I was having with my app… That is until I tried to go to bed an hour an a half ago.. That was when my mind remembered that I still had an outstanding issue to attend to. So here I am watching midnight slowly approach while I try and piece together my latest evening hack.