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Back to the grind - 2017-04-18 08:00:00 +0000

So I am home from my vacation, been quite a while since I went away.

My better half and myself went away with her family to the coast for a couple of weeks. Was a pretty interesting trip, considering that it has been a decade since I was at the coast last. Never realised how much I actually enjoyed fighting the waves and splashing around in the sea. My hipstergram has a couple of pictures up of the vacation.

The weather was interesting, it was always switching between cold rain and intense sunshine, I suppose that is just the joy of African weather. While I was down there I had very limited connection to the outside world, so all my emails and updates had to wait until we returned. My personal email only had just under 500 unread emails this morning, I have yet to check my work emails…

My biggest grip about being without internet would have to be I logged a serious github issue before I left, the developer replied to my issue during my first week away. However since I was unable to reply the issue has been closed due to my lack of response… I suppose I will just have to fix the issue myself now and submit a pull request. Not something I really had any interest in doing.

But alas, back to the grind I go…